Building Relationships. Building Success.

DJWA will compliment and strengthen your team. From property finance, through commercial development and project management to specialised engineering and mission critical facilities, DJWA can assist.

Unique Experience. Unique Insight.

DJWA experience and expertise will reduce your risk, our approach is different. We don’t push paper or produce hot air. We take a hands-on approach to getting results.

Take and Maintain Control.

We can put you back in the driving seat. DJWA fix problems. We identify and prevent conflicts. We provide a clear path to project completion. We’re here to represent your interests. We work for you.

A small, dedicated, multi-skilled team – DJWA are here to help.

Small but beautifully formed.

DJWA provides a wide spectrum of Services to the built environment via in-house skill sets derived from careers in Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Engineering and Project Management. These skills, together with long term relationships with world class consultants allows DJWA to cover most aspects of the property cycle within the comfort of a small but closely-knit team.

Practical and pragmatic.

The many years of hands-on experience combined with the varying skill sets and academic qualifications within DJWA provides a service to Clients which understands the issues, is quick to respond and provides practical and pragmatic solutions.

Versatile, agile and multifaceted.

DJWA versatility is derived from experience, it is agile due to size and multifaceted in the briefs it handles. The unique combination of skills harnessed to a passion for what we do is evidenced by the successful projects we have completed and the Clients we have helped.

Numerous services provided by a small multi-skilled team designed to compliment Clients resources.

Real Estate Finance

DJWA finance experts will help you to create a funding solution tailored to your needs and support you through application, credit, approval, drawdown and monthly monitoring and reporting.

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Commercial Real Estate

DJWA provide a full range of property development support services for developers and funders alike. Whether its development appraisals, strategic plans, financial modelling, finance or development management DJWA can assist.

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Asset Management

DJWA actively pursue an owner’s long-term strategic physical and financial goals for an asset from the moment it is acquired until it is sold.

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Project Services

DJWA will monitor or manage complex projects on behalf of clients to mitigate development and construction risks and secure a successful outcome.

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Technical Real Estate (Data Centres)

Whether you have a communications room or dedicated data centre DJWA have a proven track record in purchase, assessment, fit out and rescuing failing projects. In short we can guide your project, offer advice and provide support at each stage.

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Specialist Engineering Services

DJWA draw on our years of experience and a history of success to provide a combination of mature heads with fresh, innovative, effective engineering solutions and ideas to guide clients and resolve specialist problems.

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