What does DJWA do?

We provide advice and specialist services to a wide selection of clients requiring assistance with project plans within the built environment sector. From property finance, through commercial development and project management to specialised engineering and mission critical facilities DJWA have handled the full property life cycle and are able to assist most clients needs.

We aim to safeguard client’s investments by demystifying and de-risking the process and bring an experienced, practical and pragmatic approach to the many aspects of property.

Why are we different?

DJWA aren’t a large firm, we’re specialists providing targeted services to compliment Client resources.

As a small, closely-knit team, we have years of practical, hands-on experience to match our academic qualifications. Most importantly of all, we’ll tell it to you straight. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it. Then, whatever it takes, we’ll find a way to fix it.

Why do you need us?

Property is a multifaceted sector demanding a myriad of skills. Successful projects are the consequence of teamwork between Client and Consultant and the pooling and management of the various skill sets.

DJWA provide a wide spectrum of services in-house and are able to manage those services and build and manage large teams to suit the individual needs of Clients and projects.

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