Asset Management

Identifying Opportunities. Minimising Risk

DJWA immerses itself in the detail of deals, establishes and maintains an in depth understanding of the asset, the finances and the stakeholders to maximise asset values and returns.

Initially, DJWA asset management services ensures a Client’s property is well designed and constructed, has a realistic and sustainable operating budget, has budgeted adequate capitalized reserves, can meet its social goals, and has an adequate management plan to ensure the property’s physical and financial health over its life. Thereafter DJWA utilize its commercial real estate skills to review options for the property to increase asset values and returns.
Generally, in consideration of the building’s physical and financial condition, along with market conditions and other external factors, DJWA take necessary actions to maintain the property in good physical and financial health and look to maximize asset values and returns from the point of acquisition to disposal.

In Summary

In providing its Asset Management Services DJWA will: