Project Services

A tailored services to suit Client needs and resources

DJW&A provide specialist bespoke Management Services within the development process to respond to Client’s specific requirements and complement Client in-house organisations. Our approach to any project is to provide a Service that manages and controls the entire development process and provides a driving force throughout all phases.

At the heart of the Service is the clear understanding that all development involves risk and in providing the Services we would actively manage this in conjunction with the Client.


Project Management – DJW&A bring the experience to create an environment for projects to succeed and couple this with the systems which measure, monitor, control and report all aspects of a project from inception to occupation. These controls minimise risks and better guarantee the originally planned time, cost and quality criteria of a project.

In summary DJW&A concentrate of the following objectives

Project Monitoring – DJWA manage and mitigate risk associated with all phases of a project, from acquiring land and delivering financial resources to planning, conceptual and detailed design, construction, user commissioning and occupation. Our mature, practical, pragmatic and direct approach to evaluating key project risk areas provides Clients with real time information and feedback as the project progresses. DJWA are your eyes and ears, ensuring you’re kept in the loop. But more importantly, we also provide you a voice within the project structure, ensuring your views are represented.

In Summary

Project Inception, Strategy and Feasibility – The better the plan, the better the outcome. At DJWA, we believe the best outcomes are a result of, accurate planning, costing, programming and the overall strategy at project inception. Combined, these factors ensure a successful, profitable, timely project. DJWA examine all these variables and plan accordingly.

DJWA will review

Distressed Projects and Project Recovery – DJWA have extensive experience of both the design and construction industry, matched to an impressive array of technical knowledge and managerial ability, together with a proven track record of recovering complex distressed projects. DJWA have in the past been ‘helicoptered’ in to failing projects to provide a quick but lasting fix. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty on-site and see what’s actually going on at ground level. We fix problems in practice, as well as on paper.

In the face of crisis and uncertainty DJWA have the experience, technical knowledge and leadership to recover failing projects and would undertake the following: