Technical Real Estate (Data Centres)

The rise and rise of Data Centres

Every business and every consumer, relies directly or indirectly on data centres and this reliance is set to increase in line with productivity and competitiveness.

As the essential backbone ensuring the smooth running of the vast majority of services, particularly as we become increasingly reliant on technology, data centres underpin business continuity, security and the resilience of these systems and services.

Safe hands. Successful delivery.

DWJA can provide a full range of data centre services from establishing the business case, site/facility selection to development, fit out, upgrading, marketing, property management and exit.

DJWA have recovered distressed Data Centre projects, advised on the development of multi-site Data Centre developments and provided project and completion management on fast track Data Centre developments. From in-house communication rooms to bank trading floors to multi-tenanted standalone bespoke data centres, DJWA has a proven track record of involvement with successful projects and rescuing failing projects and can guide your mission critical project to success.

Plan ahead. Get results.

We’re able to provide an informed and knowledgeable Client Service, representing our clients with regard to the overall development process for data centre role out programmes. DJWA focus on the business case, the development plan, marketing and leasing strategies and more technical aspects of design, procurement, construction, engineering and commissioning of data centres from inception to completion and final occupation. In short, we can manage your project, offer advice, and give you a voice at every stage and level.


If you’re considering funding or developing any mission critical facility or data centre, or you’re in charge of a project that’s become distressed, we’d be happy to assist you, evaluate the problem, and come up with innovative and effective ways to put your project back on track.