Atos Origin

“David and Andrew were essential members of the project team and I would happily employ them again where strong construction leadership is required.”

DJWA was employed to support the Andover data centre upgrade for Atos Origin throughout 2007. This project included:

John Lugg, Andover Data Centre Upgrade Programme Manager had the following to say:

David Williams

David was employed as the delivery project manager and was responsible for delivering all elements of the design. This included planning the work, supervising its execution, liaising with up to twenty five suppliers and reporting progress to the programme office. David worked tirelessly to bring construction best-practice to a project that was under funded, had an unrealistic timeframe and was distracted by internal political manoeuvrings. Despite the problems and frustrations, David focused on doing what he believed was necessary to deliver the project, using an assertive humour to deal with difficult situations. He drove the programme relentlessly forward and frequently found innovative ways to make up time, and never accepting the status quo. David was easy to manage. He provided the team with solid mentoring in the art of construction, whilst at the same time being receptive to ideas about how to run the project in the Atos Origin environment. He could always be relied upon to work diplomatically with senior management and clients, and was asked to take over the role of programme manager when I left.

Andrew Dillon

Andrew was asked to clarify the project’s commercial and design status, compare them to industry best practice and make recommendations. This was a difficult and politically sensitive role to fulfil due to the way the project had been conceived and structured. None of the information needed was centrally stored, which turned the role into an investigation. Andrew rose to the challenge and through a gentle tenacity managed to bring clarity to the situation, identify immediate actions and recommend changes for the future. Andrew is highly analytical, well organised, disciplined and tenacious.

David and Andrew were essential members of the project team and I would happily employ them again where strong construction leadership is required.

Global Switch – Amsterdam

DJWA were employed as project managers on the largest non-industrial chilled water installation in the Netherlands. The project consisted of four 4.7 megawatt York chillers with a 300 cubic metre chilled water capacity. The project had been an issue for years, with companies such as Waterfields and Multiplex “failing disappointingly”.

“Special thanks is due to D.J. Williams & Associates who were the project managers on this job – their hard work and experience was crucial to bringing this project to a happy conclusion”
— Global Switch

“Amsterdam’s state-of-the-art chilled water system is now capable of providing 20 mega watts of cooling and is a fully compliant N+1 operational system. We would like to thank all the contractors and professionals involved in achieving this milestone over the past 6 months for their efforts…”
— Global Switch